Wood Plastic Composite

Wood Plastic Composite gives the impression of natural wood. It looks and even smells same as wood, however, has different physical properties In production process we use the thermoplastic resins that connect the constituent materials and creates a new high-quality wpc product. Our wood plastic composite does not absorb water and also doesn’t require any preservation or maintenance. There is also no need to renew it after 2-3 years of use as it keeps the same appearance as at the time of purchase. WPC decking boards made of our wood composite are very resistant to adverse weather conditions, which makes the product so popular among customers. EcoTeak WPC products keep an original color and aesthetics for many years that in consequences bring measurable benefit for user’s pocket.

Our mounting team uses a modern and innovative clip system, however composite decking boards and all other of our products can be installed in the same way as all wood products. To mount them, you may use ordinary screws, nails and all of typical tools and accessories.

Ecoteak wood plastic composite is perfect as a more durable replacement for plastic decking boards, wall claddings, wood fences etc.

Ecoteak Wood Plastic Composite specification.

BRI (Building Research Institute) Fire-rating

Fire classification testing for the reaction to fire determined the properties of the EcoTeak Wood Plastic Composite as class CFL and its smoke emission as S1 (PN-EN 13501-1+A1:2010). EcoTeak wood plastic composite has been classified as DIFFICULT TO IGNITE – LOW FIRE SPREADING.

Therefore, EcoTeak Wood Plastic Composite solutions can be used in combination with floor heating or anti-freezing system.

Plastic Composite types

On the market, we currently have two kinds of composites. One of them includes PE based composites (polyethylene) and PVC based composites (vinyl polychloride). Those composite boards based on PE resemble wood in their appearance, whereas those based on PVC look less natural. In addition, PE composites are more resistant to sunlight and do not bleach to the same degree as PVC boards. Also, there is an important difference between the composites; namely PE is one of the safest plastics, unlike PVC which in the process of combustion releases harmful for human health toxins.

Advantages of the Wood Plastic Composite  decking boards:

  • environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable,
  • highly resistant to external mechanical factors,
  • no splinters or cracks,
  • resistant to weather conditions,
  • fireproof,
  • resistant to insects,
  • very easy to maintain and install,
  • the total absence of water absorption,
  • does not swell,
  • does not rot,
  • corrosion-resistant,
  • anti-slip surface,
  • does not require oil or varnish treatment,
  • best quality wood composite decking on the market,