Questions and answers

Features of wood composite

What is the composition of EcoTeak wood?
Are these components harmful for health or environment?
Are the EcoTeak composite boards resistant to low temperatures?
Do EcoTeak composite wood boards lose their colour?
Are EcoTeak composite boards slippery?
Are EcoTeak composite wood boards flammable?

The EcoTeak composite boards

What is the maximum length of your boards ?
What are the dimensions of EcoTeak boards?
What sizes of picket pales are available in your offer?
What is the weight of one meter EcoTeak board?
Does the colour or texture of the board influence on its price?
What colours of composite boards are available in your offer?
Do you have pattern of surface structures for EcoTeak boards?
Are all products available in the warehouse?
Are EcoTeak composite wood boards suitable for recycling?

The wood composite in practice

Why other companies offer terrace systems with spacing every 40 cm or more between joists? Whereas maximum space recommended by you between joists is only 30 cm.
Are your products easy to assemble?
Can composite plates of EcoTeak wood be used on arcs and rounded terraces?
What is the required slope of the base for the terrace?
Does the water discharge direction determine the board's direction setting in order to assure a proper water discharge?
What spaces should be kept between the joista?
Are the EcoTeak composite boards suitable for stairs development?
What is the thickness of the terrace system from the EcoTeak wooden composite?
What is the thickness of the elevation system EcoTeak?
What kind of tools are required to process the wooden composite?

Maintenance EcoTeak

How to take care of your own terrace?
Do WPC boards need impregnation?