Balcony enclosures, barriers

All right, so you have decided to use our wood composite solution for your terrace or decking. But why not supplement it with a composite balcony barrier or balustrade? It will have the same properties as the WPC floor you’ve just installed – namely durability and beauty in one package – and will fit the overall design you’ve chosen for your home exterior.

Composite balcony barriers and balustrades made of WPC can be used not only as a decorative solution, but have a more utilitarian purpose – many of our designs are specifically made to serve as light breakers, which can be great construction solution not only on your balcony, but also in your garden. Imagine a pergola that will stand the test of time ! Try our fantastic product as a solution for your balcony enclosures.

balcony barriers

Light breakers

Blinds and light breakers are a very modern architectural element of the building external sun protection system. It is used to disperse sunlight on a window or glass elevation site. Light breakers allow the premises to prevent overheating and blinding people, while being fashionable punctuates, accent that gives additional monotonous rhythm of the facade.

Balcony baffles

Balcony partitions, also called envelopes is used to separate the terrace area (balcony). They can be made in different variants, depending on the location and function, some have had to meet.Partitions can be used as a shield against wind and rain can be a barrier permeable to more or less degree of sunlight, can also be part of free standing walls pergola shelters and walls enable separation zones and traffic routes.

balcony enclosures
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